If you would prefer to pay by cash, please make your payment out to: GWG Entertainment

Please note that we cannot accept postal orders, money orders or personal checks!

cash payment or bank wire should be for USD/EURO 34.95 for 30 days or 79.95 for 90 days or the equivalent in your currency.
You can find out the latest exchange rates here

 You may send multiples of these amounts if you would prefer to subscribe for longer periods.

Please post your cash payment to:

GWG Media
Calle Ingeniero Paz Peraza 10, 1F
35500 Arrecife (Las Palmas)


contact us for other payment methods


Ensuring that you have included (!)

1/ Your email address (clearly printed)
2/ A signed statement confirming you are 18+ years old

We will forward your password upon receipt.